The Port Perry Curling Club Board of Directors along with the members of the club’s Return-to-Curl
Committee have worked very hard to put together our Return-to-Curling Guidelines for the 2021-22
The guiding principle is the health, safety and well-being of our membership, our families, our staff, and our
community. We have relied heavily on the guidance of and consulted with our governing body (Curling
Canada), member associations (CurlON, Toronto Curling Association), Provincial Government, Regional
and Local Health Authorities and other curling clubs in customizing our guidelines for this season.
After a year of being closed, we are excited to be opening this season. Curling will still look a little different
this season and it’s important that you take the time to read and digest the material in this document. Every
member needs to be fully aware of the new protocols, rules, and procedures to ensure we are all doing our
part to keep ourselves safe while curling this season.
As we move closer to the start of the season there may be further modifications, refinements, and changes,
but we felt it was important to share with you our current plan. If you have any questions or concerns
please feel free to reach out to us via our website


 Vaccination Policy: For the 2021-22 season and following Ontario’s proof of vaccination policy announced
September 1st, 2021, the Port Perry Curling Club will be required to verify that all people over the age of 11
entering our facility are fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) by reviewing their paper or .pdf vaccine
receipt along with a government issued photo ID (Health Card or Driver’s License).
Requests for accommodations for members who cannot be vaccinated for health or religious reasons may
be submitted to the club.

Online Registrations: Online registration will open on September 6th. Please log in through the club’s
website and complete your registration for the upcoming season.
Waivers: As part of the online registration process, all members will be required to sign the liability waiver
and the new Declaration of Compliance with Covid-19 protocols.

Mask Policy: Face masks will be mandatory for all “warm areas” of the club, including the upper and lower
lounge and locker rooms. The PPCC strongly encourages our membership to wear a mask at all times on
the ice surface. Skips, or the person in the house holding the broom, will be required to wear a face mask
when in the house. However, if desired, face masks can be removed while throwing or sweeping a rock.

Access to Club: Please make sure you are in compliance with the health guidelines outlined by Durham
Public Health. Signage will be posted at the front door and online to remind everyone that no person shall
enter the facility if he/she has any symptoms of COVID-19. Please do not risk infecting other club members
just because you want to curl. It is imperative that everyone does their part to ensure the virus does not
enter our building.

Arrival at the Club: We ask curlers to arrive at the club, masked, no more than 30 minutes before the start
of their game. Before entry, each member will be required to sanitize their hands. Outside shoes and coats
should be left in the front foyer.
Contact tracing is required by Durham Public Health. The club will be using the CurlOn tracking system
app. Each member will be given an individual QR code which will be scanned upon entry into the upper
lounge. QR codes can be scanned from your phone or scanned from a printed paper.
Locker Rooms: Members who have purchased a locker for the season will have access to the locker
rooms. Members who have not purchased a locker for the season will be required to come to the club
dressed to play, putting on their curling shoes and storing their curling bag in a designated spot in the
upper lounge. Masks are required at all times in the locker room.
Washrooms: All members will have access to washrooms. These will be cleaned up to twice a day by club
contracted cleaning staff. One urinal in the mens washroom will be out-of-service to ensure appropriate
distancing requirements.

Pre-Game: In the upper lounge, there will be a designated waiting area, identified by the sheet you are
about to curl on. If you are not using the locker room, this is where you will put on your curling shoes,
stretch, and wait in your designated area. Curlers will not have access to the ice until the Icemaker has fully
completed ice maintenance. Curlers will enter the ice surface based on their sheet, starting with sheet A.

Game-Play: Sanitizers and sanitizing wipes will be available at each end of each sheet. Before and after
each game, we ask each member to sanitize their hands.
Rock handles will be cleaned by ice staff before each game, however, given time restrictions, if you are
curling the late draw in an evening league or on Friday night (alternating), we ask one member of each team
to use one of the sanitizing wipes to clean the teams handles before the start of their game.
Players will not shake hands before or after the game. Instead we suggest broom taps or verbal
introductions. Each league will work to pre-determine rock and hammer colours, avoiding coin flips. If not
predetermined, a simple game of rock-paper-scissors can determine hammer.
Distancing while curling will be required. Markers will be installed into the ice to help identify where to
stand during game play.
Given physical distancing challenges, only one sweeper will be allowed. The second sweeper will stand off
to the side or follow the rock down, maintaining a 2 metre distance from the player sweeping the rock. (See
attached game flow diagram provided by CurlOn to help determine player movement during the game.)
Since all skips will be wearing masks in the house, we will be allowing sweeping behind the T-line, if
desired, but limited to one person.
Access to scoreboards and measuring devices will be allowed. We recommend sanitizing hands before
putting up score or using the measuring stick(s). These items will be cleaned twice a day by club staff.

Spares: There is no limit on spare usage. We encourage members to update their spare availability online.
Spectators: Spectators or after game “guests” will not be allowed. We will reevaluate this decision for the
second part of the season.

Youth Curling: The decision has been made to delay the start of the “Little Rock” program until January
2022, at the earliest. More work is needed to finalize “Bantam” program details, so youth registration will
be closed for the time being. Curlers in this program must be 12 or older, be double vaccinated, and wear a
mask at all times.

Bar: Bar service will be available for the start of the season. Masks will be required by patrons, unless
eating or drinking. Modifications are still being made to ensure we adhere to Provincial requirements.
Fabric couches and chairs will be removed and replaced with large round tables and 8 plastic chairs. If
required, dividers will be added between tables to make sure a 2 metre distance between them. We believe
there will be enough room to accommodate a full draw of curlers.
If there is a second draw in the evening, first draw patrons must exit the bar in a timely manner after the
completion of their game, giving bar staff enough time to properly clean and sanitize tables and chairs
before the arrival of late draw curlers.
Members will access the bar through the west stairwell (by the kitchen) and exit through the east exit
(closest to the bar). Food offerings will be available in pre-packaged, single-serve portions.
The club is evaluating a new air filtration system for the lower lounge. We also intend to be able to offer a
“tap” payment option this season.

Ice Shed: Icemakers will wear appropriate PPE while preparing the ice for game play. Only the icemaker
will be allowed to touch ice making equipment as the membership is not allowed to assist with sweeping or
nipping sheets at any time.

Building Cleaning: All non-essential items and furniture throughout the club will be removed. A
professional cleaning service will clean and sanitize the curling club up to twice a day focusing on
washrooms and high touch areas of the club. All cleaning steps will be documented by the cleaning staff.

Club Equipment: All club equipment including brooms, sliders, grippers, crutches, and delivery sticks will
not be available for general use this season. Members will be required to bring and use their own
equipment. Members who do not have their own equipment are encouraged to contact our club’s pro
shop. After each game, members are required to take all their equipment home unless they have a
registered locker.

Bonspiels & Rentals: The club has decided to postpone all bonspiels, Interclubs and one-off rentals until
January 2022, at the earliest. We will reevaluate this position in the coming months and make a decision for
the balance of the season.

These guidelines are subject to change. If we all respect the rules, together we can ensure that
curling will be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone this season!



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